Be a Local Coordinator

We do really care, and we think you do too. The need to address the crisis ahead transcends partisan politics. Independent of organization or affinity, we are looking for people to help mobilize mass-actions in their neighborhoods in the event of a contested election.

Are you able to?

1. Do ground support in your neighborhood, and find places & groups to hook in with.

2. Help us Coordinate other Awesome Volunteers in your Local Area.

3. Prepare to do something positive election day and prepare to be ready in case there is electoral interference of any kind.

We are asking local coordinators to:

  1. Research hyper-local places that would be suitable for civil disobedience or that could benefit from support. Our issue is not with our local governments, or the people working hard to make ends meet, so we need locations that will help us:

    Support: USPS post offices and poll workers, we can just say thank you! for your hard work, and show that people are also here to positively and proudly stand with federal employees and election workers.

    Protest: We ask for people to think about what areas civil disobedience and protest would be most effective. For some areas, this may be a freeway overpass to fly a flag or banner, while in others, it might be a federal building or courthouse in which citizens can best make their voices heard if there is any type of illegal electioneering.

  2. Research and Hook in with Local Organizing Efforts. We are proud to be hooking in with a network of thousands of individuals preparing for campaigns of mass civil disobedience around the country if there is any interference in our democratic process or attempts by any party to illegally seize power or ignore results.

  3. Help us Coordinate other Awesome Volunteers in your Local Area. We have dozens of people actively signing up each day, and would love to put them in touch with you.

  4. Prepare to do something positive election day. Bring food, bring water, bring cookies, go wave a sign somewhere or make a banner – or just say thanks with a welcome card or sign for doing the hard work they are doing.

  5. Stand by for Election Night. Don’t expect clarity on election night. It will probably be several days, possibly weeks until election results are decided. Please be alert. We are keeping an open eye for any type of vote rigging, efforts to end vote counting, discredit the process, or a refusal to accept election returns or results. We will be hosting an Election Night Viewing party all night – which people are welcome to join, and if any of the above scenarios looks likely, we will hold a prepared emergency planning session. Election night is on Wednesday, and we will prepare for mass civil disobedience campaigns the following day and especially on the weekend.

If this sounds like a task you are ready for, please fill out the form. We’ll be in touch with a brief onboarding survey and an invitation for a group call and onboarding session we’ll be having in mid-October.

Thank you and stay healthy and safe out there!